Sunday, December 30, 2007

What A Rush.....

Hey anyone reading my blogs.......
i have been busy, really busy marketing and sharing on social networks, posting ads on online directories, geez i really have been trying to get the word out in as many ways as possible....
enough said are there any results?
you may ask, yes alot of hits have come across, may hit totals are peeking at around 100-200 a day!
no the question is .....
any conversions, any sales, any repeat visitors?
my true answer is around 10-15%
on the average week! not daily! although that would be (insane)
i will stay the course and continue blogging and sharing with you
untill next time.............

Friday, November 16, 2007

First Check

I Received my first check from using "The Ultimate Tip System" it was no more than fifty bucks. But the system, the great information is worth the effort in providing the same information not junk to the world wide web.

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

30 Days Later

I wanted to give myself sometime to market, promote, advertise and of course spread the word by mouth. so i tried the recomendations i found there are some great avenues and resources to get free blogs, articles, directories, to market my products. I really feel this approach of marketing and providing good material to attract readers and buyers of my products. The approach of giving something to customers and not force feeding "BUY, BUY, BUY". Warming up a potential buyer per say is a better and friendlier, open arms format that i am getting MUCH BETTER results and of course my hits are sky rocketing.

Of course i am going to tell if my sales reflect this new approach and style. The best way to put it is my sales do not reflect any of my changes in marketing RIGHT NOW!!!!!
I think realistically there is a snowball effect on the horizon just waiting to explode, i understand completly that this is not going to happen right away, and of course i wanted to see my conversions at 100%, Yeah i want to see the big numbers in my bank account, Yes i want all of these things.....

I Will Not Give Up So So So soon, or to early to a point where there was no hits or just a few hits to show for....
Sticking with the The Ultimate Super Tip
Has redirected my way of thinking of marketing and it will do the same to you and anyone you dare to share this ebook with.
(write you later)

Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Path Of A Newbie Pt.1

Hey and welcome to my rebirth of internet marketing. Yes Revival, Starting Over from the beginning! To be Totally Honest "Humbled" to the point that i have discarded all of the over night programs to make me rich(waste of time) and the especially the "paid to read e-mails" which really took me for a ride really thinking they were going to pay me! what a real rip-off......

I just wanted to vent a little there are some things you hardly know about me and so much to blow up as far the promises of wealth and income beyond belief. Well there they were telling the truth...

In 2006 maybe in the spring i wanted to start to make money on the internet i have a computer and dsl, printer so there's all i need to get started and of course i wanted the easiest way to make some income online without any effort... Well at least i am being honest, i wanted the least work or effort i wanted the most out of it. The Big returns, meaning money, income. Not to quit my day job, but something to subsidize my weekly checks.

Then this affiliate program got me started promoting vitamins health powder for drinks and shakes, i was a winner! purchased an website submitter and presto the money going to roll in. No Nothing Nada, Absolutely no commission checks even though there were a couple of sales but again i wanted the most not putting anything into it
and same results nothing, no checks, no deposits. Can i learn to do anything right?
And more and more affiliate promises(programs) I'm starting to join anything that was free to join and to make money with....
Too many to mention but it was CRAZY and none of them work, the "MLM'S" didn't work either, Not even the "FFas" promising tons of traffic to your websites......NOT......

There's a E-book I have which I predict will become very popular. It presents a strategy for selling any type of product using methods which will never become obsolete and old. Then there's the ingenious twist which will send your traffic rocketing. The Ultimate SuperTip, written by Harvey Segal (Mr SuperTips)easy to follow, easy on the eyes, written without hype and a whole lot of common sense and not littered with annoying links.

And the cost of this book ? It's free !

And it ends with an amazing idea for making you money from the book itself.

I'd rush to get this book now if I were you at: []

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

a giant step for a newbie

This is not anything new or just released! this program has been around at least 2years and from what i've been reading this ebook was just too good not to try it. Kick the tires around and see if this really can work.
First and foremost this was a FREE ebook that i downloaded virus free, it took me around 2hours (with work distractions) to read and maybe a couple of days to digest the vast eye popping information.
Yes this a real and true newbie here trying the world wide web to make some supplemental income without breaking the bank(piggy). Can i give you the name of this ebook of course BUT!! wait just a little bit because i want to tell you how i have seen and read many so called money making ebooks or affiliate programs to get rich with, i have seen the many google get rich and adsense, ebay for riches yeah i have checked them out. And i am here to tell you about a "super tip" (picture that) I might have your attention now. It was so dissapointing not finding any program that will hold my hand and lead the way to creating a flow of income from the internet.
This is why so many other programs and get rich schemes fail, not that they really wanted to see you prosper or anything like that but they will continue to be the fly by night schemes and popping up with new gimmicks and tricks to get your money...your hard earned money.
You can find relief now. this is the real deal and i'm going FULL STEAM AHEAD!!!
the game plan is laid out in plain english, they provide you with all the necessary tools and weapons to prepare you for the real life(making money on the internet)
I can now reveal to you "The Ultimate Super Tips" and it's all free of charge. They do not ask for your email address and again a virus free ebook you can download again for free.
Get your ebook today, Newbies Of The World Wide Web Welcome to your best chance of making your mark on the web with your "Super Tips"

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